We stock an exciting range of the best lab consumables from trusted manufacturers around the world. Wax blocks from Turkey, Zirconia blocks from South Korea and the latest generation polymer, Pekkton ivory from Switzerland... not to mention an innovative range of composites, silicones and flask systems from Stuttgart!




Based in Stuttgart, Germany, anaxdent is an enthusiastic user-experienced driven dental technology company that has gained international reach in supplying provisional materials to dentists and technicians. anaxdent creates products of exceptional quality and it is little wonder that they have gained such popularity across the globe, because they afford flexibility and innovation to the dental professionals who use them.

D Cubed Digital have partnered with anaxdent to bring you a range of their composites, flask systems, silicones and accessories.


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Cendres + Métaux


Since 1924, the name of Cendres+Métaux (C+M) has stood for innovative, high quality products and superior customer service. With legendary Swiss precision and reliability, C+M have firmly established themselves in the dental market. They develop, produce, market and sell their own customer-specific, intelligent and innovative systems worldwide in order to enhance safety, aesthetics and productivity in dental medicine.

D Cubed Digital is proud to bring their exclusive product, Pekkton®, to Africa.

Pekkton® Ivory

Exclusively available from C+M in Switzerland, D Cubed Digital has endorsed a new high performance polymer for implant dentistry for approved laboratories only.

Why is Pekkton® so special? It is a material for the future that is strong and light, shock absorbing, causes no allergies, has no taste and no thermal or electrical conductivity with guaranteed consistent quality – all highly desirable qualities for the sensitive nature of dental prosthetics.

With similar characteristics to human bone, Pekkton® ivory meets the demanding biochemical criteria of prosthetic solutions to increase patient comfort with a result that is closer to nature.

Pekkton® (PEKK) stands at the apex of the PAEK hierarchy – the strength lies in its chemical structure which guarantees the best mechanical properties of all PAEK.

The compressive strength of Pekkton® ivory is comparable to human dentine and cortical bone and allows better biochemical integration than typical non-precious metals.

Pekkton® is available to carefully selected and approved laboratories only, but D Cubed Digital is able to facilitate a Pekkton® milling service for all dentists and laboratories.

If you would like to learn about how to mill Pekkton® so that your lab can become Pekkton® approved, please contact one of our in house dental technicians.


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