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Test Drive Your Digital Future

So you’re interested in exploring CAD/CAM dentistry but you aren’t sure where to start? That’s probably how you ended up on this website – thank goodness you’ve landed in the right place! Yes, the internet is a tremendous resource and infographics such as this one are convenient ways to outline the CAD/CAM process, but there is no teacher quite like experience…

D Cubed Digital has access to a fully equipped working laboratory in which the highly experienced technicians will share their knowledge and show you the digital ropes for a day. With their assistance you will be able to test the CAD/CAM process from the starting point of creating an STL file with the Identica 3D scanner.

Our associate technicians will help you navigate the exocad design software and take you step by step through the CAM milling and finishing processes that they use daily. You’ll leave with a good understanding of how CAD/CAM dentistry works and you will have tested the equipment yourself! It’s the only way to know if you’re ready to invest in the digital future of dentistry.

The D Cubed Digital Test Drive program is free to dental technicians in SADC countries. Select your date on the calendar below and we’ll get in touch to help you plan everything.

Remember, our state-of-the-art lab is in Johannesburg, South Africa, and we can’t bring it to your city, so please make travel arrangements to get to us! We’re happy to suggest accommodation in the area if you need it.

If you require further dental CAD/CAM training of any kind or training at a specific location you can hire our experts!

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